How to Steam Dumplings in Microwave Complete Guide

Well, the answer is quite simple, Yes, you can cook dumplings in Microwave. People who are used to eating frozen food or do not want to bother themselves by going to restaurants or if they suddenly get hungry and want instant food so of course, they go for steaming Dumplings at home.

Now there are multiple ways to do so, i.e., you can even go for cooking them in boiling oil, but yes, if you want even more convenience, there is no problem with a microwave then.

Though it is not very simple to steam Dumplings in a microwave, the process is tricky, but if you follow the following steps, you will get delicious and optimal results.

Steps for Steaming Fresh Dumplings in a Microwave:

These are a few quick steps that you should follow:

1) Add hot water to the base of the microwave safe bowl:

The first and foremost step to steam dumplings in the Microwave is to add boiling water to the base of the microwave safe bowl/container. Moreover, do not go for cold water; instead, you should choose hot water because cold water might break the dumplings while steaming.

2) Place a steaming Colander or porous microwave safe plate or sheet above it:

The steaming Colander is a porous microwave safe material placed above the boiling water to let the steam pass to the Dumplings.

3) Cover the Dumplings with the baking powder:

Most people ignore this step, so the dumplings stick to the container’s base after cooking. And during removal, they get deformed or break, and all the material from inside is scattered outside. If you are short on baking powder, apply oil to the Dumplings, which can also work instead of baking powder.

4) Place the Dumplings over the steaming Colander or porous microwave safe plate/sheet:

Now properly place the dumplings over the steaming Colander or porous microwave safe sheet whatever you have chosen. Make sure they are correctly placed thoroughly throughout the surface with some gap in between. Do not keep the Dumplings too close to each other; keep some gaps.

5) Cover the Dumplings adequately with some microwave safe sheets:

The dumplings need to be adequately covered to trap the heat inside and ensure that the dumplings are appropriately steamed. If the steam is not trapped correctly, then the dumplings will not receive enough steam to cook correctly, and we will not be able to get the desired results.

Moreover, it would be best to cover the dumplings and the overall container so that the boiling water does not spill outside and damage the Microwave or make it dirty.

6) Now, place the bowl inside the Microwave and set a timer for 6 – 7 minutes:

After you have fulfilled all the preliminary requirements, place the bowl inside the Microwave and close the microwave door properly. Set the timer for 6 -7 minutes and leave the Dumplings to cook.

7) Keep monitoring the Dumplings:

Constant monitoring is essential for desired results. If you do not watch the dumplings correctly, they might overcook or undercook. And all your hard work and time will go to waste. So for better and optimal results, keep monitoring.

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