The Best Mini Microwave for Dorms: Top 5 Picks for 2023

Looking for the perfect mini microwave for your dorm room? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled our top 5 picks for the best mini microwaves for dorms in 2023. As a student, having a mini microwave can make mealtime a breeze, especially if you have limited space or don’t want to deal with the hassle of cooking.

When choosing a mini microwave, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the size of the unit is crucial. You need to ensure it fits in your dorm room both in terms of physical space and electrical outlets.

Secondly, consider the features you need. Some mini microwaves come with additional settings such as defrost and reheat settings, while others have simpler designs. Choose the model that suits your needs best. Finally, consider the price. Mini microwaves can range in price from under $50 to over $100. Choose the one that fits your budget.







COMFEE' Mini Retro Microwave


Digital Mini Microwave for Dorm


Galanz Retro Microwave Oven 


Willz Small Microwave Oven for Dorm


Winia Retro Mini Microwave for Small Space

At this point, you may be wondering which mini microwave is right for you. Fear not! We’ve done the research to find the best mini microwaves for dorms on the market, so you can make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for a mini microwave for your room or office, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out our top picks for the best mini microwaves for dorms in 2023.

When choosing a mini microwave for a dorm room, the following features should be considered:

1. Wattage: Higher wattage means faster cooking times. Choose a model with at least 800 watts of power.

2. Size: Make sure the microwave will fit on your dorm room desk or countertop.

3. Controls: Look for a model with simple controls that are easy to use. 

4. Price: Compare prices to find the most affordable option. 

5. Warranty: Choose a model that comes with a warranty for peace of mind.

COMFEE’ Mini Retro Microwave with Preset Programs:

COMFEE' Mini Retro Microwave with Preset Programs

When it comes to choosing a mini microwave for your dorm room, there are a lot of options available on the market. However, after thoroughly researching and testing the COMFEE’ Retro Microwave, we’re confident in saying that this is one of the best options available.

One of the standout features of this microwave is its nine preset programs. These programs allow you to easily cook or reheat a variety of foods, from popcorn to baked potatoes. Additionally, the multi-stage fast cooking function is a game-changer, allowing you to defrost and cook your food in one go.

The COMFEE’ Retro Microwave also has a spacious 0.9 cu. ft interior, making it perfect for heating up larger meals. And with its powerful 900W cooking power, you can rest assured that your food will be heated evenly and quickly.

But what really sets this microwave apart is its retro design. The soft apricot color is both stylish and fun and is sure to add a touch of personality to any dorm room or kitchen. And while the design may be retro, the features are anything but. The LED digital display is bright and easy to read, and the control panel is simple to navigate.

Other features that we love about this microwave include the mute function, which allows you to operate the microwave quietly, and the turntable reset function, which ensures that the turntable is always in the correct position. The ECO mode is also a nice touch, helping to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

User Experience:

The color is the same as the picture shown on the site and it has many selections of features. Easy knot control and eco mode. Also the silence mode. Because I heat milk every morning, it works great and is quiet. I bought it because of the color and I’m so glad I did!

  • Good wellin a small space
  • Durable
  • 9 preset programs
  • LED digital display
  • No instructions on how to set cook time

Digital Mini Microwave for Dorm(small space):

Digital Mini Microwave for Dorm

As a student, I was in the market for a reliable and functional microwave oven that wouldn’t take up too much space in my dorm. After researching various options, I came across the Black+Decker Digital Microwave Oven and decided to give it a try.

One of the standout features of this microwave oven is the express cooking function, which allows for fast and efficient meal preparation. I appreciate that it also has a clock and kitchen timer, which have been helpful for keeping track of time while cooking. The large LCD digital display and easy-to-read control panel make it simple to operate, even for those who may not be tech-savvy.

Safety is also a top priority with this microwave oven, as it features a child safety lock and an interior light for added convenience. The removable 12.4” glass turntable is perfect for cooking larger items, and the push-button door release makes it easy to access your food. I also love the sleek and stylish design of this microwave oven, which looks great in my dorm room.

One minor issue I encountered was getting started with the microwave oven. The display is coated with a plastic coating that needs to be peeled off before use, which I found a bit tricky to do. However, once I got past that initial hurdle, using and cleaning the microwave oven has been a breeze.

User Experience:

This microwave is a great buy! It’s reasonably priced, the dimensions are great, the power is just right, and it’s a great quality brand. It works like a dream, is reasonably large, and doesn’t make much noise at all. It’s everything you could want in a cheap microwave.

  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Good for price
  • Sleek design
  • The button default is minutes, not seconds

Galanz Retro Microwave Oven with Quick Start Functions:

Galanz Retro Microwave Oven with Quick Start Functions

As a college student living in a small dorm room, finding a mini microwave that fits my needs was a challenge. But after doing some research, I found the Galanz Countertop Microwave Oven, and I’m so glad I did! This retro-style microwave not only looks great in my dorm, but it also has all the necessary features I need.

One of the things I love about this microwave is its size. With a 1.1 cu ft capacity, it’s the perfect size for small households. The 12.4″ glass turntable rotates 360 degrees, ensuring that my food is cooked evenly and efficiently. Plus, the turntable is removable and easy to clean, making cleanup a breeze.

The Galanz microwave also has a range of features that make cooking and reheating quick and easy. The auto cook and reheat, defrost, and quick start functions are all very useful. And with 10 Auto Reheat Programs, I can easily reheat my leftovers without any guesswork.

One thing that sets this microwave apart is its pull handle. It’s such a simple feature, but it makes opening and closing the microwave so much easier than a button. Plus, the retro design with a glossy red finish adds a touch of fun to my dorm room.

User Experience:

This product is perfect for small spaces! It doesn’t take up a lot of room and it’s really cute. It works slightly differently than other microwaves but once you’re used to it, it is a breeze! I would recommend this device to those who are looking for a mini microwave.

  • 10 auto reheat and 7 auto cooking programs
  • Retro look
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • This is a lower watt microwave as compared to larger

Willz Small Microwave Oven for Dorm:

Willz Small Microwave Oven for Dorm:

Looking for a microwave that gives you complete control over your cooking? Look no further than the Willz 700-watt microwave! This sleek and compact appliance is perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or anyone who wants a customized cooking experience.

With 11 variable power levels and 2 cooking stages, you can easily adjust the cooking power and time settings to perfectly suit your needs. The 6 one-touch cooking programs make it easy to cook your favorite foods, while the reheat function ensures that your food is always hot and fresh. And with an interior light, you can easily monitor your food without opening the microwave.

The LED screen displays the current time, power, and cooking time clearly, making it easy to keep track of your cooking progress. And with its compact design and compatibility with most homes (120 volt / 60 Hz voltage), this microwave is perfect for anyone with limited space.

With dimensions of 17.6″ W x 12.9″ D x 9.6″, this microwave is easy to store and won’t take up too much counter space. Plus, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, giving you peace of mind in your purchase. So why wait? Get the Willz 700-watt microwave and start customizing your cooking today!

User Experience:

I really like this product! Perfect size for small spaces and I will say clean design and easy to use. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and it has helped me to keep my place much more organized. I highly recommend it to others!

  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Clean disign and easy to use
  • Very small inside(measure your dinner plate)

Winia Retro Mini Microwave for Small Space:

Winia Retro Mini Microwave for Small Space

The Winia Retro Microwave is a must-have for any dorm room kitchen. With its stylish retro design and compact 0.7 cu. ft. capacity, it is the perfect size for small spaces. The Dual Wave technology ensures that your food is cooked evenly, giving you perfectly cooked meals every time.

The Zero On feature of this microwave is a great energy-saving feature, ensuring that the microwave only consumes electricity when it is being used. The recessed turntable provides ample space for plates and bowls of different sizes, making it versatile and practical for everyday use.

The 5 auto cook menus are perfect for busy students who want to quickly cook or reheat a variety of food and beverages. Additionally, the time or weight defrosting function allows you to quickly thaw frozen foods, making meal preparation fast and easy.

With its user-friendly features and elegant design, the Winia Retro Microwave is a great addition to any dorm room or small kitchen. Plus, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy your microwave with confidence.

User Experience:

I’m so glad I found this product! It is actually a light blue-gray, which is perfect for my needs. I love not having to push buttons to set the timer–my hands are very arthritic and the silver knob is lovely. It has 30 sec. The start button is a great feature for me.

  • 2-ways defrost and 5 auto cook menus
  • Dual wave technology
  • Lightwiehgt & perfect size
  • Easy to use
  • Outer walls are very thin and bend easily

Comparative Analysis:

All five mini microwaves offer compact designs, making them ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms or apartments. The Comfee Mini Retro Microwave and Galanz Retro Microwave Oven both feature retro-inspired designs, while the Willz Small Microwave Oven and Winia Retro Mini Microwave offer a more traditional look. The Digital Mini Microwave for Dorm offers a sleek and modern design.

In terms of power, the Galanz Retro Microwave Oven and Winia Retro Mini Microwave both offer 700 watts of power, while the other three models offer 600 watts. The Comfee Mini Retro Microwave offers six preset cooking programs for added convenience.

When it comes to capacity, the Comfee Mini Retro Microwave and Willz Small Microwave Oven both offer 0.7 cubic feet of space, while the other three models offer 0.6 cubic feet.

Overall, the choice between these mini microwaves will come down to personal preferences in terms of design, power, and capacity. However, the Comfee Mini Retro Microwave and Galanz Retro Microwave Oven may be more appealing to those looking for a retro-inspired design, while the Digital Mini Microwave for Dorm and Willz Small Microwave Oven offers more modern looks.

Final Words:

After researching the best mini microwaves for dorms, we have compiled a list of the top five microwaves for 2022. These microwaves are compact, have a small footprint, and are energy-efficient. They are also affordable and have a variety of features that make them ideal for dorm living. We hope that this list will help you find the perfect mini microwave for your dorm room.

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