Can you Heat the Pasta Sauce in the Microwave?

The answer is Yes, you can heat pasta sauce inside the microwave. Pasta sauce is a must item to use with cooked pasta because the pasta feels incomplete without it. It is clear to everybody that you can heat almost all things inside a microwave because it is made to serve this purpose, but you are looking for such a question as to whether you can heat pasta sauce inside a microwave.

The fear of pasta sauce splashing and splattering inside the microwave oven due to the extensive heat inside. In turn, making your microwave oven messy and even raises defects in it.

But do not worry, all your doubts will get clear once you read this article.

How to Reheat Pasta Sauce Inside the Microwave?

How to Reheat Pasta Sauce inside the Microwave

As it is clear that you can heat Pasta sauce inside a microwave, that does not mean you can heat it the way you wish. Most people just put the sauce inside the bowl and then heat it. But know that this is a big mistake.

These are some steps we are mentioning to execute this heating process of pasta sauce safely. Steps for heating the pasta sauce inside a microwave.

Take either a deep microwave safe bowl or a deep microwave-safe bowl. If you do not find it, go for a deep glass bowl or a ceramic bowl and pour the pasta sauce into it. We are using deep bowls here to contain the splashing and splattering of pasta sauce and protect microwave internals from dirt and malfunctioning.

1. Cover the Bowl:

This step is an essential one, and most people miss it and then bear the consequences. Cover the bowl using a microwave-safe plastic or plastic wrap to contain the pasta sauce splatters while heating and protect the microwave internals from getting dirty or damaged.

2. Add two Tablespoons of Water:

Water is a good absorber of heat; therefore, Adding two tablespoons of water to the pasta sauce will make the sauce more fluid. And while heating, the main contents of the sauce will not be impacted or affected by the heat or the microwave.

The water inside will heat and evaporate while also transferring heat to the rest of the material inside the bowl. Thus your sauce will retain its original taste. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

3. Heat the Pasta Sauce for 1 – 2 Minutes:

Now place the bowl inside the microwave oven and heat it for 1 – 2 minutes at recommended temperature. After the timer is off, add one or two tablespoons of water to the bowl and stir well once again. And carry out the same process, ie. Heat again for one to two minutes.

We added the water again because the sauce is thick and will unevenly heat inside the microwave; hence these added spoons of water will make the mixture heat evenly without losing its original taste.

4. Heat for Additional Time if Like:

If you desire your pasta sauce to be hotter, then heat it for a longer time. Just make sure to keep adding and stirring a tablespoon of water at regular intervals for even heating and better taste. Also, if you do not keep adding water and heat it, then there is a chance of this sauce sticking to the bowl’s bottom and getting too thick while losing its original taste and essence.

Steps of Reheating Pasta with Sauce in Microwave:

If you prepared pasta for dinner and put the sauce into it but were unable to finish it up for any reason and then want to reheat it the next day, you should follow the following steps to get the best results.

Steps to reheat pasta with sauce in a microwave:

  • Firstly, add the pasta with sauce to a microwave-safe bowl or any glass bowl. At the same time, add two tablespoons of water to it.
  • Cover the bowl opening with a microwave-safe plate or sheet to ensure that the sauce does not splatter while heating the pasta sauce.
  • Put the microwave-safe bowl in the microwave and microwave it on medium heat for about one to two minutes.
  • The pasta should be ready by now. Serve it and enjoy. If you happen to feel that it is still not ready, you should repeat the same procedure. Just keep adding one or two tablespoons of water and keep heating until it meets your satisfaction standards.

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