Best Portable Lime Green Microwave Buying Guide

Introducing the vibrant and functional Lime Green Microwave, the perfect solution for your busy and modern kitchen. With its bold shade of lime green, this microwave not only provides efficient cooking performance but also adds a touch of flair to your kitchen decor. Equipped with a variety of cooking programs, a user-friendly digital display, and a generous interior space, this microwave can handle all of your heating and cooking needs with ease.

Whether you are reheating yesterday’s leftovers or preparing a quick and tasty meal, this microwave is designed to make your life easier. Its compact size and stylish design make it an ideal choice for those who want to save counter space while adding a pop of color to their kitchen.







Galanz Compact Green Retro Microwave Oven


Green Small Retro Microwave Oven


Lime Green Portable Retro Microwave

So why settle for a dull and boring appliance when you can have a microwave that is both practical and stylish? The Lime Green Microwave is here to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and memorable

Galanz Compact Green Retro Microwave Oven with Child Lock

lime green microwave

heating and cooking needs. With six variable power levels, this microwave oven offers the flexibility to cook a wide range of dishes, from reheating leftovers to cooking a quick and easy meal. The easy-to-use defrost function allows you to defrost food either by time or weight.

The compact and portable green microwave oven is equipped with a clear LED display that shows the remaining cook time. Once the cooking is done, you’ll be alerted by three beeps that your food is ready to be enjoyed.

The Retro Green Microwave Oven features 360° rotating evenly heating, ensuring even cooking and efficient food preparation in a short amount of time.

The microwave oven also features an interior light, making it easy for you to check the status of your food without having to open the doors

Safety is a top priority with the Galanz Microwave Oven, and that’s why it includes a child lock. The child safety lock option adds an extra layer of protection to keep your children safe.

In conclusion, the Galanz Microwave Oven is a top pick for those seeking a well-rounded appliance that offers performance, comfort, and safety. This microwave oven has been crafted to offer a delightful and hassle-free cooking experience with its 360° rotating heating, an illuminating interior light, and a child lock for added safety. The sleek and modern look is sure to complement any kitchen decor.

User Experience:

I absolutely adore this green microwave! Its petite size and charming design make it the perfect addition to my compact studio apartment kitchen. Not only does it look gorgeous in its lime green color, but it also performs incredibly well when it comes to heating up my coffee and other foods. The retro look is both stylish and functional, bringing a touch of fun to my kitchen. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful appliance. Thank you!

  • 360° rotating heating
  • Consumes less power
  • Adorable styling
  • Gorgeous color
  • Easy to use

    Green Small Retro Microwave Oven with Compact Size, 0.7 Cu Ft

    Green Small Retro Microwave Oven

    The retro green design of this microwave is both cute and compact, making it an ideal choice for small kitchen spaces such as those found in apartments, dorms, or even RVs and Tiny Homes. Not only is it perfect for the kitchen, but it can also be a great addition to an office or outdoor garden countertop setting.

    The green microwave is incredibly easy to use, with nine of the most popular microwave foods available with just the press of one button. Simply press the desired pre-programmed button and the microwave automatically starts cooking. You can easily make popcorn, vegetables, meat, pizza, pasta, or reheat other foods.

    The portable green microwave has a convenient turntable that returns to its starting point after each use, making it easy to remove mugs or dishes without any risk of injury.

    No more worrying about disturbing your roommates or family members with loud beeps in the middle of the night. With a Sound On/Off function, you can now enjoy your snacks in silence.

    This green retro microwave not only offers convenience and style, but it also prioritizes safety. It features a Child Safety lock to protect your children from the potential dangers of a microwave oven.

    Its simple Logo inspired keypad design makes it easy to use for people of all ages, so you don’t have to worry about any complicated settings or buttons.

    This microwave comes with a one-year limited warranty, including the oven, user manual, usage tips, and a 10-inch turntable, for your peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns, our team is available to assist you with a phone call.

    • Easy-to-read control panel
    • Child safety lock
    • 10 inch turntable
    • Compact size
    • One year warranty
    • Large plates and bowls are not fit.

    User Experience:

    I am absolutely in love with this little microwave. It has a lot of features that you would normally only find on larger models. I have been using it mostly for defrosting, and it has been working great. I highly recommend this little microwave to anyone who is looking for a compact yet functional appliance.

    Lime Green Portable Retro Microwave

    Lime Green Portable Retro Microwave

    The retro green design of this microwave not only adds a touch of style to your modern kitchen but also provides you with all the necessary functions to meet your daily cooking needs. With nine preset menus, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you want to make popcorn or a beverage, cook vegetables, meat, pizza, potatoes, pasta, soup, or reheat leftovers. Its fun design and practical features make it a great addition to any home.

    This retro microwave features a multi-stage cooking function, which is a real-time-saver. With this feature, you can finish defrosting and cooking your food in one go. This eliminates the need to transfer your food from one appliance to another, saving you both time and effort.

    It also has express buttons that allow you to cook for or increase cooking time by 30 seconds with full power. This lime green microwave is packed with useful features to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and efficient. It is equipped with a Mute Function, which allows you to turn off any beeping sounds.

    The ECO Mode helps to save energy. The bright LED digital display, easy-to-operate control panel, and interior light, removable glass turntable make cleaning up after cooking a breeze. The clock and kitchen timer add even more functionality to this already impressive appliance. To ensure the safety of your children, it also includes a child safety lock.

    • Removable glass turntable
    • Clock & kitchen timer
    • Child safety lock
    • ECO Mode
    • Light weight

    User Experience:

    I am so happy with my purchase of this microwave! It is the perfect size for our kitchen and the retro green color adds a fun touch to our countertop. I love how it is compact, which makes it a great option for me with limited kitchen space.


    What is the capacity of the Galanz Green Retro Microwave?

    The Galanz Green Retro Microwave has a capacity of 0.7 Cu. Ft.

    What is the power output of the microwave?

    The power output of the microwave is 700w.

    Does the microwave have a rotating heating function?

    Yes, the microwave has 360° rotating heating for even cooking.

    What other features does the microwave have?

    The microwave has a defrost function, LED display, interior light, and child safety lock.

    Can the microwave be used to defrost food items?

    Yes, the microwave has a defrost function specifically designed for defrosting food items.

    Is the microwave child-safe?

    Yes, the microwave has a child safety lock to prevent accidental usage.

    Is there a light inside the microwave?

    Yes, the microwave has an interior light.


    In conclusion, the Galanz Green Retro Microwave is a stylish and efficient appliance that can meet the daily cooking needs of individuals and families. With its 0.7 Cu. Ft capacity and 700w power, it offers fast and even heating. The addition of features like defrost, LED display, interior light, and child safety lock make it a versatile and safe option for your kitchen.

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