What Will Happen If We Put Things On Top Of Microwave?

Those who have small kitchens usually notice that once you bring monthly groceries or other stuff, fill your kitchen with them. Then, it appears to have lessened in space, and you prefer putting the extra grocery or things on top of the microwave.

Not only that, while cooking, you would have observed that while the microwave is near to the stove so instead of bothering to put the pots far on the shelf, you prefer placing them on the top of the microwave.

Instead of going forward with the same habit, you have chosen an excellent decision to search about it first. Can you put things on top of the microwave?

The answer is Yes, you can. The body of the microwave oven is made of metal. Therefore, it is solid and can hold heavy weight over itself. If you have trouble regarding your kitchen space, feel free to put as much stuff over the microwave as you like. But still, there is a difference between Can you set things on top of the microwave? Or Should you put stuff on top of the microwave? That you should understand.

Should You Put Things On Top Of The Microwave?

The manufacturers do not recommend placing stuff above the microwave oven as it is not a good approach; a device should be used to serve the purpose it is meant to perform. 

Let us discuss some consequences you might suffer from this approach.

  1. Most microwaves have ventilation ducts either over the top or on both sides. Now, let’s say you have placed a heavy and high space-taking object over a microwave oven’s top and blocked that duct. Then the consequence you will have to face is that the microwave oven will get overheated, so its lifespan will reduce over time. So it is necessary to keep these ventilation ducts in your regard while placing an item over the top of the microwave
  2. A microwave is an electronic machine that generates heat inside its heating chamber to heat or cook food, while its outer body is made of steel, a heat conductor. So it is evident for a microwave to get heat up. Therefore, imagine if you have placed any plastic material over a microwave; the outcome will be. The plastic will melt over the microwave and stick to it. Furthermore, you should also consider if the ventilation duct of the microwave is on its top and the plastic melts into it and jam those ducts. Then your microwave will become a faulty one costing you much on its manufacturing.
  3. If you have placed some fluid like a bowl of soup or water over the microwave and it spills over it, then the consequences will be as dire as the melting of plastic over a microwave. The effects of this phenomenon will be even worse than the melting of the plastic. Furthermore, it can cause a short circuit.


You can indeed put things on top of a microwave; meanwhile, it is not recommended to do so. It is better to be on the safe side.

Moreover, the microwave is not meant to serve the purpose of holding items over itself. So it would help if you took better care of your appliance. Otherwise, you might lose spending money on its maintenance.

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