Why do Microwaves get Hot on the Outside?

It is usual in kitchens that microwaves get hot on the outside after use. Well, this question is self-evident. We all know that the body of a microwave is made of metal, and metal is one of the best sources of heat conduction.

So of course, if the surrounding is hot, which usually is in kitchens, then the microwaves outer surface will absorb heat and so it will get hot.

Moreover, a microwave is a machine, and while it operates, it generates heat which makes the air surrounding the microwave hot, which is also a cause for the heating of the outer surface of a microwave.

Also, other appliances like refrigerators, etc., emit heat and make the surrounding air hot, making the microwave’s outer surface hot. If the air ventilation system of the microwave is blocked, it can get hot. 

If you think that heating your microwave’s outside is not due to any of these reasons, then probably some fault has appeared in your appliance. In that case, go to a mechanic and repair it.

Is the Warming of Microwaves Outside Typical?

Warming of the outside of any electronic metallic appliance is very typical. So it is not a matter of worry. But if the surface gets blisteringly hot, then you need to consider its situation. And probably go to a repair shop.

Prevention measures:

Firstly you must know that a metallic appliance getting hot is very usual because it generates its own heat. And metal is a perfect conductor of electricity, so it absorbs heat constantly from the surrounding. 

So that prevention measures can be taken only against excessive heating, which is not a good phenomenon.

You may take the following measures:

Try to keep your kitchen cool:

Now there are multiple ways to do so. 

  • You can place an Air Conditioner in the kitchen if you can afford it. It will keep a constant temperature in your kitchen.
  • If you cannot afford an Air Conditioner, try to place a proper ventilation system in your kitchen.
  • Make sure to have a chimney in your house.
  • Try to keep the kitchen doors and windows open for a constant airflow.
  • Try to use the microwave in intervals instead of one pace. If the usage of microwave is prolonged, then the heat generation will increase, and so eventually, it will heat microwave from outside.
  • Ensure to keep microwaves away from heat-emitting devices like refrigerators, etc., so that they cannot absorb the heat in access.
  • Make sure your microwave is not very close to the kitchen walls because that will become a ventilation barrier, and so the heat from the microwave will have a very narrow space to escape so the microwave will heat from outside.
  • Keep a check on its maintenance so if the ventilation line inside the microwave is blocked can be cleaned.

These are very effective preventive measures against overheating the outside surface of the microwave. If one follows these instructions, then they will most probably never face this issue again.

FAQs regarding the heating of microwaves on the outside:

Q1) Is it normal for a microwave to get hot on the outside?

No, it is not normal for a microwave to get hot on the outside. However, if it gets a little warm, that is normal. But if your microwave gets hot on the outside, that is a matter of concern.

Q2) Is the microwave in danger if it gets hot on the outside?

Yes, if your microwave gets hot instead of a little warm, it can be in danger. Try to contact a repair shop then.

Q3) What should I do to stop my microwave from heating outside?

Well, you can do nothing to prevent your microwave from getting a little warm because that is a usual happening. But if it’s getting hot, then follow the preventive measures discussed prior in this article.

Q4) Why do microwaves get hot on the outside?

Well, this whole article is about this question. Please read the article carefully.

But remember, microwaves only get a little warm on the outside, not hot. So if your microwave gets hot, then analyze its situation there might be a problem somewhere.


After reading this article, I hope you people can now identify the cause for your microwave’s outside portion getting hot and the necessary preventive measures to take. 

It is good that you searched this topic because it shows your concern for your appliances and how much you care about your stuff.

Finally, I will say that the most common reason for the microwave’s outside getting hot is insufficient ventilation and some internal fault.

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