The Ultimate Guide to Cook Frozen French Fries In Microwave

French fries are a dish that many like, and indeed, it is a very mouth-watering, tasty dish. You can cook the French fries inside a microwave properly and with convenience.

But of course, that doesn’t mean that they will also be according to your imagination. As they will be cooked under the heat of the microwave oven so they will not be crispy like if prepared inside a fryer under boiling oil.

But do not be disappointed. There is a way to make them brittle even inside a microwave that I will be sharing in this article, so make sure to read till the very end.

Cooking Frozen French Fries in the Microwave:

People today do not need to go to restaurants to buy fries for too much money. Instead, all they need to do is purchase frozen fries and cook them conveniently inside a microwave which will save you time and trouble cooking. I will be discussing the steps you need to follow to cook them below.

Steps for cooking frozen fries inside the microwave 

1) Take frozen fries out of the refrigerator first:

you need to bring them out of the fridge and spread them over a baking sheet.

Here you need to understand one thing clearly: read the packaging of the frozen fries you have bought. Many of the fries specifically designed to be used for cooking inside a microwave oven have their set of instructions written on their packaging. And if that were to be the case, you have to follow precisely those steps for better results.

2) Ensure that the backing sheet is placed on a microwave-safe plate properly:

Make sure to evenly spread the French fries over a baking sheet to not stick to each other while cooking. Here is a quick tip for you, if you want your fries to be crispy and not soggy, add some vegetable oil to the backing paper. This vegetable oil will make these fries crispy.

3) Place the microwave-safe plate inside the microwave:

Place the microwave-safe plate inside the microwave oven, along with the fries and backing sheet on it. Now just set the timer and heat intensity according to the size, quantity, and hardness of your fries, so that you can have better results.

You also need not worry about these fries becoming soggy or sticking to each other if you have added the vegetable oil. This vegetable oil will make them nonstick and crispy.

4) Keep an eye on the fries while cooked:

Any item when cooked needs proper attention and monitoring; the same is the case here. Make sure you are properly monitoring the fries so that after every two to three minutes, you can toss them over so that they do not stick to one side of the sheet. If you are cooking fries for 10 to 15 minutes, make sure to toss them and turn them around at least 7 to 9 times for maximum result.

Doing this will also ensure the even cooking and non-burning of the fries. Remember, this step is crucial, so do not ignore it for better cooking; otherwise, your fries might not evenly cook and even be burnt from one side.

5) Take the fries out of the microwave and enjoy eating:

Now that you have followed all the steps and see that your fries have changed color and are correctly cooked, then bring them out carefully. Wear gloves so that you avoid burning your hand and bring the microwave-safe plate out.

Put the content of the container in another regular dish. Let the fries cool down a little bit and serve them. Now you can enjoy your meal.

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