What Will Happen If Microwave Turntable Doesn’t Spin

Well, first, let me briefly inform you about what is a turntable? It is the glass plate that comes built-in inside a microwave and is placed over a rotator. Its purpose is to be a base for the microwave-safe dish and rotate the container so that the food evenly receives the heat.

Now coming to your question, Does it matter if the turntable in the microwave doesn’t spin? Then the answer is NO; it does not matter so much. The reason is, even if your plate does not rotate still, it receives the same heat inside the microwave on all its points, with minor contradictions to this statement, though.

For example, you might sometimes find that your food is cooked more from one angle than another. But even if you still think that your plate needs to turn, you can even do it manually.

This advice is for those who do not have extra money to repair their microwave or buy a new one. However, if you’re well to do and can afford a microwave repair or new microwave, then surely go for these, because for better performance of a microwave, its turntable needs to be moving.

The Function Of The Glass Turntable In A Microwave Oven:

The Function Of The Glass Turntable In A Microwave Oven

Let us understand the role of the glass turntable better to appreciate its presence and absence inside a microwave.

The function of a glass turntable is to rotate the food inside the microwave so that the food is evenly cooked from all the angles with no hot or cold left where some parts of food are burnt while others are uncooked.

But again, this doesn’t mean that you will get terrible cooking results if your microwave turntable is damaged or not present. The microwaves emerge from a magnetron inside the microwave.

A turntable always ensures the even and equal distribution of heat waves between cavity walls of the microwave. Therefore, it concludes that a microwave turntable is essential for better and even cooking food inside a microwave.

Benefits of Having No Turntable Inside a Microwave:

We have discussed the importance of turntable until now, but let us inform you about the benefits of having no turntable inside a microwave.

  1. You can easily and quickly clean a microwave with no turntable. Because the hindrance that will interfere with your action of cleaning the microwave interior will not be present.
  2. Secondly, if the turntable is not there, the heat will directly reach the food as the distance between the food and the microwave surface will be lessened. Hence, you will get a faster cooking experience.
  3. You get extra space in your microwave; otherwise, the extra space for cooking extra food or larger dishes are taken by the turntable.

Is The Turntable In Microwaves Essential?

A turntable is not a must for cooking inside a microwave but yes, having it can bring some convenience and a better cooking experience. Some people even prefer using or having microwaves without turntables.

It happens because the turntable provides extra support for better cooking of food. Even if you’re to use a microwave without a turntable, you will get almost the same results as a microwave with a turntable. This glass plate is just for extra care of the food to satisfy you up a notch.

Moreover, food items with different types and shapes need proper rotation for evenly cooking so that heat waves thoroughly reach all their points and give better results.


Having a turntable or no-turntable comes with its pros and cons. Having a turntable depends upon your requirements and the type of food you are about to cook.

For example, if you have a large amount of plain food and you have space issues, then remove the turntable and your food will still be cooked well. On the other hand, if your food is of a particular shape and type that needs thorough cooking, make sure that you have a turntable for better cooking results.

Hence, long story short, you are the one to decide if you want a turntable or not inside your microwave, depending on your requirements. 

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