The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Spam in the Microwave

Well, the very first thing you should know is that Spam is already cooked before it is packed in a can. So all that is needed to do is to just warm it to make it even tastier and then eat it.

Cooking / Heating Spam in a Microwave:

Usually, everybody has a microwave in their house, so it is good to use it for warming your Spam.

 We will discuss some easy steps here to do so:

1) Taking Spam out of the can:

Open the can and put the Spam out on a plate. But, of course, you would not want to place the whole can inside the microwave and cook all the Spam at once suitable.

2) Cut it into Slices:

Take a sharp knife and cut the Spam into pieces of your preferred size and number.

3)  Put it in the Microwave:

Now take the spam slices and put them on a microwave-safe plate. Now place the container inside the microwave. Heat for around 30 to 40 seconds, then open the microwave and check if it is still not warm enough;

you should heat it for 20 to 30 seconds more. But make sure not to overheat it because Spam comes pre-cooked, so all you need to do is just warm it up a little.

4) Serve While it is Still Hot:

Now take out the warm spam slices from the microwave and serve them hot in the dining room. Eat it with some sausages of your choice to take its taste up a notch. You can use a fork to eat it.

Can you Cook Spam in a Microwave?

The answer to this question is Yes. Spam is already cooked, and all you need to do is heat it a little before consuming it. So what better than a microwave? A microwave is an appliance that heats any food quickly and saves us a lot of time.

Usually, office-going people have a short time in the morning for breakfast. So, in that case, the microwave provides significant convenience to them.

But remember, if you cook Spam in a microwave, it will get crisp while if you do the same in a microwave, you will get soft Spam.

The choice is yours; if you have time to spare and you like the crispness in Spam, then cook it in a pan; otherwise, if you want it soft and you do have not much time, then go for the microwave.

Can you Eat Spam Without Cooking it?

The answer is YES. Spam is not cooked while it is canned. But it is packed in such a way that it is cooked long before it reaches you. So all that is needed to do is to open the can and bring the Spam out and eat it. 

Spam is made of pork and ham shoulder. There is also a lot of salt added to it. So its taste is like a slice of salty pork. Though you can eat it without cooking it for a better taste, you should eat it warm.

Nutrients in Spam:

A serving of Spam provides 7 grams of protein. It has a low content of sugar and carbohydrates but 34 percent of daily sodium. A body needs salts and electrolytes for its optimal functioning, and Spam has a lot of salt.

Some variants of Spam have a low level of sodium in them. And the significant part is that an unopened Can be stored for two to five years at room temperature. So Spam can be said to be an excellent part of a balanced diet.

Can I Boil Spam In Water?

Yes, you can boil Spam in water. But it is not a proposed method because if you cook it in water, it will lose its salts, oil, and flavor. And there is also no need to boil it; I mean, go and fry it or heat it in a microwave.

Suppose you heat it in the microwave first and then cook it in water so it might retain some of its salts and a touch of its flavor. Then, if you are interested in spam soup, you can mince it or put it in slices into hot water and let it boil.

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